Production Manager


The Production Manager is responsible for the production plant’s uptime and efficiency. The scope of this role starts with triaging and curating the flux of incoming changes from development teams into tagged versions and releases, through to testing, verifying and validating, until its successful deployment onto the live production systems.

What you will do

• Establish and maintain deployment and testing policies

• Drafting and maintaining testing checklists

• Manage and curate the influx of code changes

• Orchestrate testing: raise issues and follow ups

• Orchestrate deployments: versioning and release notes

• Play a key role in Incident Management: raise incidents and sign-offs

• Play a key role in Business Continuity Planning

• Play a key role in Change Advisory Board: vet and schedule planned production changes

• Monitor the health of the production plant

What you bring

• Must have solid understanding of version control: esp. git

• Must have solid understanding of cryptocurrencies: comfortable with wallets

• Must have solid understanding of Linux: CLI

• Some understanding of ITIL/ITSM is preferred

• Some understanding of programming languages is preferred