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Why Marketing is so crucial to the success of the FinTech market

All FinTech firms started as just an idea - which develops into a great product or service. But, what turns a great product or service...

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What to do if you've outgrown your role?

What once excited and challenged you when you started your role could now be tedious and unfulfilling. The fact you've got this separation is a sign...

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What is Blockchain and what could its impact be on financial markets?

Blockchain is taking the financial services industry by storm. The biggest companies in the business are investing heavily...

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How to prepare for a last minute interview

Getting a last minute interview can be a tough and stressful situation. You want to be well prepared but time is limited. Here's some advice for candidates...

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State of play in FinTech & changes to hiring in FS

The Financial Services Industry is undergoing unprecedented change.  While it is true that all industries have, and will be in a constant state of evolution...

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EC1’s huge 2016 and market intel on FinTech 2017

2016 has been a huge year for FinTech and, as a result, for us here at EC1 Partners as our clients have looked to build out their teams...

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3 major trends that will shape the future of FinTech

For the last decade or so, FinTech companies have grown, disrupted, and moved at an exponential growth rate. This has forced traditional incumbent firms to adjust, rethink their....

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How to use social media to differentiate yourself from your competition

Competition in today’s job market is fierce and it’s getting tougher for candidates to differentiate themselves and stand out...

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Introducing Holly Rudge

EC1 Partners opened its doors in Singapore 10 months ago in order to further expand our reach across Asia Pacific. As a trusted partner to our global clients across the FinTech...

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