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I manage the Singapore office and am responsible for expanding EC1 Partners across Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and Tokyo. Having joined EC1 from a non-recruitment role, it’s great to see how far I have grown in the industry. I was originally a part of the London team and was given the opportunity to relocate to Singapore where I am now managing and growing the business in Asia Pacific. My role is diverse and includes managing, strategising for growth, and working with clients and candidates. 

The culture at EC1 is awesome. Whether you are here as a researcher or a top level manager, everyone is here to be successful. This is a common goal we all share across the business globally. Although the environment is competitive, we work as a collective. The company is lean and intimate, which means everyone works closely with each other, creating natural teamwork. This environment also allows everyone to have more of an influence in the company.

Jake Gottlieb, Head of Trading Technology EMEA - Manager

As Head of Legal and Operations my role is quite broad and includes everything from contractual legal work to payroll and HR. EC1 Partners is a young, fun environment in which to work. There is the perfect balance of autonomy and support as the more senior employees’ doors are always open. Throughout my five and a half years here the culture remains the same. It is a real team environment despite the competitive nature of the industry. Jamie and Simon have created real camaraderie irrelevant of who the personnel are and have created an environment in which everyone pulls in the same direction. 

There is no glass ceiling at EC1 and it is a real meritocracy. If you achieve, you will be rewarded. Each person at EC1 is driven by success and this has seen us grow globally across 3 continents in just 8 years, which provides real motivation as you feel that you are part of a growing, ambitious company.

David Fox, Head of Legal and Operations

I work as a consultant looking after all sales searches focussed on Research, Data and Analytical products and services with Banks, Brokers, Exchanges and Vendors. I am also responsible for new business development and work closely with clients across Europe. I joined EC1 as a graduate and it's amazing how I have grown and developed in my time here. Not only have I learnt a great amount but I've been given the trust and opportunity to grow myself within the business.

As a business, EC1 has a young, ambitious, and determined culture. We work hard but we work smartly and enjoy our time away from the office as well. I’ve been lucky enough to have gone on various incentive trips to Ibiza, Majorca, and Lisbon. That’s one of the great aspects of this business, we are ambitious and driven but we hit our targets and when we do we are rewarded.

George Fierstone, Head of Data EMEA - Manager

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