Why Marketing is the new must have for FinTech success

Marketing has a long history of misconception. It’s been commonplace in businesses across the globe to think of marketing as a nice to have function. A function built on fancy presentations, nice looking material, and pretty pictures. As a result, it was often overlooked. It was a huge cost to business with no tangible rewards.

But, the misconception is dying. Marketing is finally evolving from a nice to have to a must have function. This is particularly the case within the FinTech industry.

Why is this evolution taking place?

One of the greatest developments that has aided Marketing is technology. Now, businesses are able to invest in technology that not only measures marketing performance but actually empowers marketing to drive tangible revenue. Marketing can now generate leads much faster and much easier than any other function, marketing can have a huge impact on brand awareness, and has a real impact on the top and bottom line. We’ve spoken to clients who have noticed as much as 25% growth in their revenue purely due to the success of their marketing team.

What have we seen to substantiate this view?

We have noticed a big trend amongst many FinTech clients. Previously when a new FinTech business wanted to grow or expand into a new region, there would be a fierce sales hiring strategy. That still takes place but now we are seeing FinTech firms hire marketing leaders at the same time and sometimes even before any major sales hires. We had one particular client who was well established in the US and wanted to break into the EMEA markets. They were looking to hire a number of people across sales and marketing. However, they placed sales roles on hold until the EMEA head of marketing role was filled. It was such a crucial hire for them.

That relationship between sales and marketing has grown so much closer and FinTech businesses in particular have started to realise that to get true growth you need both functions working together. This is a trend we’ve seen a lot in the market.

How can we help you find the best marketing talent?

We’ve been at the centre of FinTech across the globe for 10 years now. As part of our work, we’ve helped FinTech firms grow through the acquisition of sales and marketing talent. We have successfully placed heads of marketing at some of the fastest growing FinTech's. Through our strong relationships with the most talented marketing professionals in the FinTech industry, we can help you find and secure the leaders you're looking for.

A note about me - Phoebe Davies

I head our marketing recruitment team at EC1 Partners. Having studied Marketing at university I always had a passion for the space but instead of moving into a marketing role I decided to take a more unique route and began my career in marketing recruitment. I have now been working in this space for 7 years and with EC1 Partners for 4 of them. Over the last few years I have seen a huge increase in the number of marketing positions available within the FinTech space. I have successfully placed candidates at all levels from CMO, to Product Marketing Managers & Marketing Executives. I’m committed to getting the best possible outcome for my clients and candidates – one of my key strengths is building strong, long lasting relationships with everyone I speak to.

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