3 questions to ask a recruitment firm before engaging

At some point in the growth of a company, the time comes when you need to approach a recruitment firm to acquire the best talent. Doing so for the first time can be challenging. In this article we set out 3 questions you need to ask a firm before engaging with them.

What screening techniques do you use when selecting candidates to submit to vacancies?

Despite what you may expect, many recruiters and headhunters don't engage in thorough screening before putting forward candidates. Many consultants are desperate to fill vacancies and get business moving that they cut corners. Undergoing thorough screening is a basic part of a recruiters job, make sure the firm you engage with places screening as a major priority. The last thing you want is to hire someone who has fake qualifications or experience. It will hurt you in the end.

Does the recruiter meet their candidates?

This is a really crucial process that the majority of firms out there skip. Sure, you can have a phone conversation with candidates and you'll get a decent perception of the candidate. But, the best firms out there regularly engage face-to-face with their candidates. Doing so gives you that little bit extra and allows you to get a real feeling for the candidate and whether they fit the culture of the firm you're trying to place them in. Make sure the firm you engage with has a close relationship with their candidates and places face-to-face meetings as a priority.

Evidence of success

There's no better judgement than prior success. A recruitment firms track record reflects a great deal on their success. Before engaging with a firm, ask who they have worked with previously, ask what type of roles they have filled, ask for any references they have from other clients. Doing so won't only substantiate their prior success but will also help you understand how closely their particular skillset matches your needs.

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