2018 the year that went so quickly!

It seems only just a few days ago I arrived back in the UK after spending 2 years working abroad for EC1 Partners – one of the many great benefits of working for a company with ambitions of growing a truly international business. In reality I have now been living in London for just over a year and I find myself asking – where has the last 12 months gone?

Did I blink and miss it all?

Moving back to London left me feeling mixed emotions. On one hand I was excited to have my family and friends within touching distance again, excited to share my amazing stories of living in Singapore and New York and strangely enough excited to drive a car again (that wore off quickly)! Yet behind all the excitement was huge apprehension. Living abroad I had learnt to be selfish with my time, I had complete freedom. Would coming home make me feel claustrophobic? I also asked myself, was the UK a country I wanted to live in? Yes it will always be my home, but it seems to have turned into the wild west with knife crime becoming a daily occurrence, especially in London. Politicians have spent the last couple of years doing their utmost to ruin the country and what would the ramifications be for Brexit? How would it affect the UK economy and in turn my own career?

So many questions, yet so few answers.

Looking back over the last 12 months I have been able to answer some of those unanswered questions:

- Not having the excuse of living in another country for not being able to attend functions such as family birthdays, weddings, engagement parties is somewhat frustrating.

- I absolutely love being around my family and friends, but most importantly my dog Sparky!  

- London is definitely a scary place at the moment, which is terribly sad to see because it’s such an unbelievable city.  

- Politicians are simply incompetent and to think we actually allow them to govern our country!

Thankfully work has been extremely busy this year, which was one of the main reasons for me returning home to London. Although some would say there is a dark cloud looming over Britain at the moment, the FinTech industry is absolutely booming. In the 10 years that EC1 Partners have been recruiting into the FinTech industry, we have never worked with so many new companies across various verticals such as – Payments, Blockchain, Data and Trading Software.

I will end on what was my greatest highlight of the year – the Fifa World Cup. Gareth Southgate was able to unite the nation far better than any politician I have ever seen in the 30 years I have been alive. Race, Colour, Creed, Class were all thrown out the window in that period. He made us dream again. It was a summer of football I will never forget.

Southgate you’re the one, you still turn me on, Football’s coming home again!!  

By Jake Gottlieb - Managing Director, EMEA

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